In #129, we provide more information for you to refactor code.

Auto smell combination

It Will provide more information for you to refactor code. like:

  • Highlighter issue in IntelliJ IDEA

For example:

public BlogPost updateBlog(Long id, BlogPost blogDto) {
        String content = blogDto.getContent();
        return blogRepository.findById(id).map(blog -> {

// relative static analysis result:
// - Variable 'content' is never used

Suggestions for Next Steps

We provide most common suggestions for refactoring code, after you execute refactor action, you will see the following suggestions:

intentions.refactor.readability=Please use concise and meaningful variable, function, and class names to improve code readability.
intentions.refactor.usability=Please ensure proper indentation and formatting to enhance code structure and readability.
intentions.refactor.performance=Please optimize algorithms and data structures to improve code performance.
intentions.refactor.maintainability=Please refactor long and complex functions into smaller, more manageable ones to improve code maintainability.
intentions.refactor.flexibility=Please design the system to be flexible and easily adaptable to changing requirements.
intentions.refactor.reusability=Please design and implement reusable components or modules to reduce duplication and improve development efficiency.
intentions.refactor.accessibility=Please consider accessibility requirements and design the system to be usable by all users, regardless of their abilities.

Naming Suggestions

In #132, we provide basic functionality for renaming things.

  1. enable suggestion: Settings -> AutoDev -> AutoDev Coder -> Enable Rename suggestion
  2. select the variable you want to rename use Shift + F6

Rename Functions


In How to Refactor this Code? An Exploratory Study on Developer-ChatGPT Refactoring Conversations , talking about how to refactoring to better understand how developers identify areas for improvement in code and how ChatGPT addresses developersโ€™ needs.