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🧙‍AutoDev: The AI-powered coding wizard with multilingual support 🌐, auto code generation 🏗️, and a helpful bug-slaying assistant 🐞! Customizable prompts 🎨 and a magic Auto Dev/Testing/Document/Agent feature 🧪 included! 🚀

VSCode Version:

Since the License issue, we cannot upload to JetBrains Marketplace, you can download from Releases.

AutoDev Architecture

Here is the AutoDev architecture:

AutoDev Feature Overview



  • Languages support: Java, Kotlin, JavaScript/TypeScript, Rust, Python, Golang, C/C++/OC, or others…
  • Auto development mode
    • AutoCRUD (Spring framework). With DevTi Protocol (like devti://story/github/1102) will auto generate Model-Controller-Service-Repository code.
    • AutoSQL (required Database plugin). Context-aware SQL generation.
    • AutoPage (React). Context-aware Web Page generation.
    • AutoArkUI (HarmonyOS). Auto generate HarmonyOS ArkUI code.
    • AutoTesting. create unit test intention, auto run unit test and try to fix test.
    • AutoDocument. Auto generate document.
  • Copilot mode
    • AutoDev will help you find bug, explain code, trace exception, generate commits, and more.
    • Pattern specific. Based on your code context like (Controller, Service import), AutoDev will suggest the best code to you.
    • Related code. Based on recent file changes, AutoDev will call calculate similar chunk to generate the best code.
  • Chat with AI. Chat with selection code and context-aware code.
  • Customize.
    • Custom specification of prompt. For example, Controller, Service, Repository, Model, etc.
    • Custom intention action. You can add your own intention action.
    • Custom LLM Server. You can customize your LLM Server in Settings -> Tools -> AutoDev
    • Custom Living documentation. Customize your own living documentation, like annotation.
    • Team AI. Customize your team prompts in codebase, and distribute to your team.
    • Prompt override. You can override AutoDev’s prompt in your codebase.
  • SDLC
    • VCS. Generate/improve commit message, release note, and more.
    • Code Review. Generate code-review content.
    • Smart Refactoring. AI based Rename, refactoring with code smell, refactoring suggetion and more.
    • Dockerfile. Based on your project, generate Dockerfile.
    • CI/CD config. Based on build tool, generate CI/CD config file, like .github/workflows/build.yml.
    • Terminal. In Terminal ToolWindow, you can use custom input to generate shell/command
  • Custom AI Agent
    • Executable AI Agent language: DevIns.
    • Custom AI Agent. You can integrate your own AI Agent into AutoDev.
  • Model
    • Built-in LLM Fine-tune
    • UnitEval evaluate llm result
    • UnitGen generate code-llm fine-tune data.

Fine-tuning model

AutoDev fine-tune models:

name model download (HuggingFace) finetune Notebook model download (OpenBayes)
DeepSeek 6.7B AutoDev Coder finetune.ipynb AutoDev Coder

Language Support (for Fine-tuning)

We follow Chapi AST analysis engine for language support tier.

Features Java Python Go Kotlin JS/TS C/C++ C# Scala Rust ArkTS
Chat Language Context    
Structure AST          
Doc Generation      
Precision Test Generation        
Precision Code Generation