Quick Start

  1. first create new file, like sample.devin, with content:
Explain code /file:src/main/java/com/example/
  1. Run file with AutoDev plugin, and you will see AI response result.


AutoDev DevIns

Basic Commands

  • /file: read file content, format: /file:<file-path>, example: /file:src/main/java/com/example/
  • /write: write file content, format: file#L1-L12, example: src/main/java/com/example/
  • /rev: read git change by git revision.
  • /run: run code, especially for test file, which is the best way to run code.
  • /patch: apply patches to file.
  • /commit: commit changes to git
  • /symbol: get child by symbol, like get Class by package name, format: java.lang.String#length, example: <package>.<class>#<method>
  • /shell: run shell command or shell script, like ls, pwd, etc.
  • /browse: browse web page, like
  • /refactor: refactor code, like rename, delete, move etc. (since @1.8.6) (Java only)

File Command

based on #143, we keep “/” as File.separator for macOS, Windows and Unix.

Read file content:

Explain code /file:src/main/java/com/example/

will call LLM to handle it.

Write Command

write content to file:

public class Controller {
    public void method() {
        System.out.println("Hello, World!");

Rev Command

Read git change by git revision:

Explain code /rev:HEAD~1

will call LLM to handle it.

Run Command

Run file:


PS: current only support for TestFile, since UnitTest is the best way to run code.

Symbol Command

Get child elements by symbol, like get Class by package name.


The output will be:


Get method will return code:


The output will be:

public static double calculateInsurance(double income) {
    if (income <= 10000) {
        return income * 0.365;
    } else {
        return income * 0.365 + 1000;

Browse Command

Browse web page:


It will be text inside the body from web page.

Refactor Command

Refactor code:

/refactor:rename /symbol:cc.unitmesh.untitled.demo.MathHelper.calculateInsurance to calculateInsuranceTax

It will handle in local.