If you want to develop a new language for AutoDev, you can follow this guide.

  1. lookup the plugin in JetBrains’ Plugin Repository
  2. create new language plugin module in AutoDev.
    • set dependencies in build.gradle.kts.
    • set dependencies in settings.gradle.kts.
    • create plugin module file under newlang/src/main/resources/cc.unitmesh.<newlang>.xml
    • declare plugin module in plugin/src/main/plugin.xml
  3. implement the plugin module.

AutoDev Extension Point

CodeDataStructure Context Provider

CodeDataStructure will provide the data structure for code, like file, class, method, variable, etc. Which will be used in Test Generation, Code Complete, Code Refactor, etc.

At beginning, we use Chapi to parse code data structure, but it’s too slow. And, we found that JetBrains’ IDE already have a good data structure, so we use it. We follow JetBrains’ code data structure and design.

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="cc.unitmesh">
   <fileContextBuilder language="Rust"
   <classContextBuilder language="Rust"
   <methodContextBuilder language="Rust"
   <variableContextBuilder language="Rust"

Chat Context Provider

Chat Context Provider will provide the data structure for chat, like Language version, Compiler version, Framework information, etc.

Similar to CodeDataStructure Context Provider, we use JetBrains’ design for Chat Context Provider. You can implement multiple Chat Context Providers for same languages.

<chatContextProvider implementation="cc.unitmesh.rust.provider.RustVersionContextProvider"/>
<chatContextProvider implementation="cc.unitmesh.rust.provider.RustCompilerContextProvider"/>

Test Context Provider

Test Context will collect that context for test generation, and with CodeModifier to generate test code.

<testContextProvider language="Rust" implementation="cc.unitmesh.rust.provider.RustTestService"/>

<codeModifier language="Rust" implementationClass="cc.unitmesh.rust.provider.RustCodeModifier"/>

Living Documentation

Living Documentation will provide the living documentation for user, and also can generate the comments.

<livingDocumentationProvider language="Rust" implementation="cc.unitmesh.rust.provider.RustLivingDocumentationProvider"/>

API TestDataBuilder

API TestDataBuilder will provide the API test data for user, like API test data, API test code, etc.

<testDataBuilder language="kotlin"


Context Prompter will provide the context prompt rules for user, like display and request prompts.


Custom Prompt Provider

customPromptProvider will provide the custom prompt functions for user.